About Our Team

The six attorneys of our group, all licensed to practice law in the State of Texas, work cooperatively for the purpose of providing representation in trust, estate, fiduciary and guardianship litigation, probate administration and estate planning.

We are –

  • Elliott E. Burdette, estate planning, probate administration, strategic dispute management, and the managing director of this cooperative venture.
  • Mary C. Burdette, director of probate and fiduciary litigation, Board Certified in Estate Planning and Probate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Fellow, American College of Trust and Estate Counsel.
  • Robert R. Bell, trust, estate, and guardianship litigation.
  • Bradford K. Burdette, trust, estate, and guardianship litigation.
  • John B. Peyton, trust, estate, and guardianship litigation and probate administration.
  • Cindy L Watson, probate administration and guardianships.

Elliott E. Burdette, Bradford K. Burdette and Cyndi L. Watson practice law with Glast, Phillips & Murray, P.C. (GPM). Accordingly, if one or more of them is retained, then services will be provided through GPM; any agreement for the provision of services will be between the client and GPM and all billings will be from GPM. Mary C. Burdette, John Peyton and Robert Bell are not associated with GPM. If any of them is retained to provide services on a matter, then a GPM attorney and that lawyer will be jointly responsible for the representation, and any fees will be divided in accordance with the written agreement among the GPM attorney, the non-GPM attorney(s) and the client. Regardless of which or how many attorneys may be involved in a matter, the fee charged will be reasonable.

We have a hard-earned reputation for being strategically aggressive during the pendency of our litigation cases. Whether you are looking for a lawyer focused on estate disputes or trust litigation, a will contest, a probate dispute, or a disputed guardianship, use our website to learn about us and reach out for an initial consultation.

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Administrator: Donna Grzywinski

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