Texas Probate and Estate Dispute Law Firm, Burdette & Rice Announces Office Expansion

Burdette & Rice, a probate and estate litigation law firms in Texas, is proud to announce the expansion of its office in Dallas, Texas. The firm has enjoyed strong demand from clients seeking to protect inheritances and those who have been forced to litigate probate, estate, and trust issues in Dallas, and throughout Texas.

Burdette & Rice Offices - Dallas, Texas“We are very excited about the growth of our firm,” explained Elliott Burdette, Managing Director of Probate litigation at Burdette and Rice. “Fortunately, this expansion does not involve a change of address, as we are conveniently located in North Dallas; it involves the expansion of our office space due to the demand for additional attorneys and paralegals.”

For more information, please visit the firm’s website at http://www.dallasprobateattorneys.com/. There one can jump off to informational sections, including vignettes on the firm’s probate lawyers as well as informative landing pages and blog posts on relevant issues of probate, estate, and trust disputes under Texas law.

Office Expansion Due to New Probate, Trust, and Estate Dispute Attorneys

As society ages and the so-called “baby boomers” retire, issues surrounding estates, trusts, and probates are of increasing importance. This is true in Texas as it is in other states. Burdette & Rice has been a Texas law firm in this area for many years, but recently the demand for its services has steadily increased. In addition to Elliott E. Burdette and Edward L. Rice, the firm has expanded to a team of seven expert attorneys who can assist anyone seeking to understand, or possibly dispute, issues concerning estates, trust, and probate. To view the firm’s attorney roster, one can visit http://www.dallasprobateattorneys.com/team/.

As for the new office expansion, this was prompted by the growth in the lawyer staff, as well as legal assistants and other support employees. The firm will have a new conference room, where clients and attorneys can meet to discuss issues surrounding possible probate, estate, or trust disputes under Texas law. Having a convenient, comfortable office in North Dallas means that the physical space matches the firm’s motto of “bringing calm to conflict.”

About Burdette & Rice, PLLC

Burdette & Rice, PLLC is a Dallas probate law firm, with lawyers dedicated to listening to their clients, being fully present to them, and advocating their clients’ positions in the simplest and most persuasive way possible. The law firm employs probate and estate lawyers in Dallas, Texas. Clients come to Burdette & Rice to contest a will in Texas, work on complex inheritance litigation and disputes, and even to litigate disputes over powers of attorney, guardianship and trustee issues.


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