The Team

Elliott E. Burdette

Elliott E. Burdette - Probate Attorney

For more than 30 years, Elliott has dedicated his law practice to estate planning, probate, trust and guardianship disputes. Throughout Texas, Elliott has worked with clients on all levels – from helping them prepare living trusts and wills to litigating high-stakes probate matters. He has a special passion for representing individuals wrongfully deprived or outright cheated of their expected inheritance and for bringing arrogant trustees and executors to justice. The core philosophy behind the Burdette & Rice team can be found in Elliott’s results-oriented approach to probate litigation. Listen, Advocate…


Edward L. Rice

Edward L. Rice - Probate Attorney

Ed Rice clerked for the Chief Justice of the 14th Court of Appeals before he began private practice as a civil litigator in a firm with just under 90 lawyers in 1988. In over twenty-five years of practice, he spent about four years analyzing and reviewing trial court decisions for the appellate courts, and spent the rest of that time litigating in trial and appellate courts. While he handled his first contested probate issues in 1988, it was only in 2002 that he began narrowing his practice to contested probate,…


Mark R. Caldwell

Mark R. Caldwell - Probate Lawyer

Mark entered private practice as a litigator in a boutique probate and trust firm, representing executors, guardians, and beneficiaries in complex estate and trust litigation. He has also represented fiduciaries in all phases of estate, trust, and guardianship administration. Mark enjoys the investigatory aspects of estate and trust litigation, including reviewing and analyzing medical, financial, and suspicious property records and transactions. Mark is committed to developing and maintaining strong, personal relationships with his clients. He endeavors to offer smart, pragmatic and cost-effective legal advice. Mark believes that the strongest winning position…


J. Brian Thomas

J. Brian Thomas - Probate Attorney

Brian has committed himself to a single area of practice since he received his law license. Even while excelling in one of the most rigorous trial advocacy programs in the country, Brian worked one-on-one with some of the state’s foremost authorities on trusts, estates and fiduciary law. Brian cut his legal teeth in both Houston and Dallas, representing individuals in probate and guardianship cases where the stakes are at their highest. He understands that many people experience probate, estate or guardianship matters only once or twice in their lives, making…


J. Ellen Bennett

J. Ellen Bennett - Probate, Trust, Dispute Litigation Attorney, Dallas, Texas

Ellen’s practice focuses in the areas of probate, trusts, and guardianship disputes. She also handles routine estate and guardianship administrations. Ellen enjoys reviewing documents and gathering important facts to isolate and obtain key evidence, which she uses to persuasively present her clients’ cases. Ellen believes with diligent preparation, even the most difficult probate disputes can be resolved in a cost efficient and fair manner. She enjoys the opportunity that probate law provides to work closely with her clients and to seek creative solutions to important problems. Ellen is active with…


John H Phillips

John H Phillips - Estate Planning, Probate Administration, Trusts and Guardianships, Dallas, Texas

John has been practicing law in Dallas since 1976. His practice is devoted to estate planning, probate administration, trusts and guardianships. He has been Board Certified in Estate Planning and Probate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1981. John is a Life Fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation and has been recognized by Super Lawyers Magazine since…


Murray W. Camp

Murray W. Camp - Estate, Guardianship and Trust Litigation Attorney

Murray Camp brings a wealth of trial experience to the firm, including numerous trials, hearings, arbitrations, and the successful resolution of multi-million dollar disputes. Murray’s practice has historically consisted of complex commercial cases, including those involving fiduciaries, federal receiverships, oil and gas, representation of bankruptcy trustees in adversary lawsuits, banking, aviation, real estate, and commercial torts. Having developed his skills in the business litigation arena, he now…


Sarah V. Toraason

Sarah V. Toraason - Estate, Trust, Guardianship Dispute Attorney

Sarah Toraason applies her extensive business litigation background to representing clients in estate, trust, and guardianship disputes. She strives to be a strong advocate for her clients and approaches every matter with the goal of producing a successful and efficient resolution of their case. Sarah graduated from…


Marisol Trottier

Marisol Trottier - Probate, Estate, Guardianship Attorney

Marisol’s practice is dedicated to matters involving probate proceedings, estate administration, guardianship, estate planning, trusts, and other closed related areas of the law, including fiduciary related matters. Marisol considers it a privilege to have a law degree, and a privilege to help others. She has…


David Mead

David Mead - Estate Planning, Probate, Guardianship Attorney

David has practiced exclusively in estate planning, probate and guardianship related matters since becoming a licensed attorney in Texas. He grew up in Katy, Texas and brings with him several years of experience in probate, guardianship and estate administration. David also…