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Burdette & Rice Announces Presentation on Texas Guardianship Disputes and Litigation by Attorney Mark Caldwell

Dallas, Texas – July 12, 2017. Burdette & Rice, one of the leading Texas law firms with expertise in guardianship disputes and litigation under Texas law, is proud to announce that firm attorney, Mark Caldwell, successfully presented a paper that he cowrote with Dallas County Probate Judge Hon. Brenda H. Thompson, entitled, “Constitutional Considerations When Restricting Access to the Proposed Ward in Contested Guardianship Proceedings.” The paper was presented on May 16, 2017, at the continuing legal education seminar for the National College of Probate Judges, held in Santa Fe, New Mexico on May 16th, 2017. Continue reading

Burdette & Rice Announces Mark Caldwell Presentation on Guardianship and Guardianship Disputes Under Texas Law

Dallas, Texas – April 30, 2017. Burdette & Rice is proud to announce that Mark Caldwell, a Texas Board Certified Estate and Probate Attorney and one of the firm’s Dallas, Texas, probate and estate dispute attorneys, gave a very successful presentation on April 6, 2017, in Houston on the topic of “What’s New In Guardianship?”. Continue reading

Guardianship Proceedings in Texas: Considering Scenarios of Care


In a guardianship relationship, the “guardian” is charged with making decisions for the “ward,” i.e. the person being taken care of. There are various scenarios ranging from staying in one’s own home to being placed in a full-time care facility. This blog post provides an overview of the various scenarios, with a focus on guardianship proceedings under Texas law. Our Dallas law firm is happy to discuss your particular guardianship issues, including and up to guardianship disputes.

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Attorney Mark Cardwell of Law Firm Burdette & Rice to Speak on Guardianship & Guardianship Disputes Under Texas Law in October, 2016

July 7, 2016 – Dallas, Texas. Burdette & Rice, a Dallas, Texas, law firm with deep expertise in guardianship issues including both disputes and litigation, is proud to announce that firm attorney, Mark Caldwell, has announced that he will be speaking in October, 2016, at the Collin County (Plano, Texas) Probate Bar Association’s membership on the topic of changes in guardianship law in Texas. Continue reading