Post on Recent Changes to Estate and Probate Law in Texas Announced by Burdette and Rice, a Dallas Estate, Trust, and Probate Law Firm

Burdette & Rice, a Dallas law firm specializing in probate litigation under Texas law, is proud to announce that it has published an explanatory post to its blog explaining recent changes made by the 84th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature. The post examines and summarizes key changes in the legislation, effective September 1, 2015.

Changes in Texas Law on Probate, Estate, and Trusts“As a law firm keenly involved in estate, trust, and probate litigation we monitor the Texas legislature closely,” explained Elliott Burdette, Managing Partner of Burdette & Rice, of Dallas, Texas. “On our blog we highlight issues of interest to the lay community surround changes to the legal environment surrounding trusts, estates, and probate.”

To view the blog post in its entirety, please visit the page on Texas code changes for more information. Interested parties with questions on specific trust, estate, or probate disputes under Texas law are encouraged to reach out to the law firm for a consultation.

Sample Summary

While the blog post goes into specific detail on five specific major changes, here is a sample summary on the “Transfer of Death Deeds.”

Similar to a “pay-on-death” account, a Transfer on Death Deed allows an individual to transfer his interest in real property to one or more beneficiaries upon his death. Texas Estates Code Chapter 114, an entirely new chapter, describes in detail the requirements for such deeds. Chapter 114 should be read carefully and in its entirety to understand how to draft such deeds, and to see how other instruments affect these deeds.

Again, interested parties are referred to the blog post in its entirety or to reach out for a consultation with the law firm if any of these changes impact them.

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