Leading Texas Probate Law Firm, Burdette & Rice Announces Successful Presentation on Medical vs. Legal Incapacity

May 31, 2017 – Dallas, Texas. Burdette & Rice, one of the leading Texas probate litigation law firms, is proud to announce a well-received presentation by firm attorney David Mead on legal vs. medical incapacity.

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Mr. Mead, an experienced probate attorney who handles cases involving breaches of fiduciary duty, will contests and other disputes within the context of the administration of an estate or trust or guardianship, presented a speech to Dallas area attorneys attending a continuing legal education seminar at the Dallas Bar Association Headquarters in Downtown Dallas on May 23, 2017.

“Our firm’s commitment to continuing education is widely respected in Dallas and throughout Texas,” explained Elliott Burdette, Managing Director of Probate Litigation at Burdette & Rice. “David’s presentation was well received, and was a fantastic opportunity for Dallas attorneys to learn some intriguing details concerning medical vs. legal incapacity as it related to will contests under Texas law.”

The presentation discussed the requirements of legal incapacity and compared them with the requirements applicable to establish medical incapacity. An understanding of both topics is necessary to evaluate whether a person had proper capacity when he or she signed a Will or Trust that is later subject to contest, as well as when deciding whether a guardianship application is appropriate.

Persons interested in knowing more who missed the presentation can reach out to David Mead via the website. Those who would like more information on probate disputes and litigation under Texas law  can also visit the website, or go to the website and click on the ‘contact’ button to reach out for a consultation. No two situations are alike, and interested parties are strongly urged to reach out for a person-to-person consultation.


David Mead joined Burdette & Rice as a probate attorney on September 19, 2016. David received his BS from Texas A&M and Juris Doctor from Baylor University law school. He grew up in Katy, Texas and brings with him many years of experience in probate, guardianship and estate administration. As he has practiced only in these practice areas since becoming a licensed attorney in Texas.

David worked for the Honorable Judge Michael E Miller in an internship program with Dallas Probate Court # 3 before beginning his law practice. He was selected and serves as a member of the Dallas Bar Association Probate Council and has served as a co-chairperson for the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers Elder Law Committee. David also volunteers at the Advisory Committee for the Guardianship and Money Management Program and has presented to several community and professional presentations on estate planning and probate related matters.

Prior to attending law school, David worked as a merchant mariner. Included among his experiences was piloting a ship through the Panama Canal.

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Photo credit: denisbin via Foter.com / CC BY-ND