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Inheritance Disputes

Unfortunately, many people find themselves involved in ugly inheritance disputes when their loved one dies. What someone thought was included in a Will ends up not being that way. Learn what methods are available to challenge a will, and important facts that can make a difference. Transcription: Prospective Client: My Father recently passed away, and… Read More

Separate vs. Community Property

Elliott Burdette breaks down the differences between separate and community property. He also discusses how a prenuptial agreement can be used to simplify the distribution of shared property between a husband and a wife. Transcription: Prospective Client: I have a question about community property – what is it exactly? Burdette: Community property is a system… Read More

Does my loved one need a Guardian?

If you’re concerned that your elderly loved one has become careless or reckless with their finances, there is a solution. Elliott Burdette explains what it means to be an “incapacitated person”, and how a Guardianship works in those situations. Transcription: Prospective Client: My Mother passed away a few years ago. And my Dad is on… Read More