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Guardianship Proceedings in Texas: Considering Scenarios of Care

EDITOR’S NOTE: In a guardianship relationship, the “guardian” is charged with making decisions for the “ward,” i.e. the person being taken care of. There are various scenarios ranging from staying in one’s own home to being placed in a full-time care facility. This blog post provides an overview of the various scenarios, with a focus… Read More

How to Write a Will Under Texas Law: Problems with ‘Form’ Wills

EDITOR’S NOTE: So-called ‘form wills’ may not be legally valid under Texas law. Holographic wills (those written out completely by hand) if done correctly may be valid. The reality is that drafting a will is best done with the assistance of a lawyer. Our Dallas-based lawyers can help with the drafting of wills. In addition,… Read More

Handwritten Notes and Property Distribution in Texas

EDITOR’S NOTE: When a person dies, there may or may not be handwritten notes or instructions that touch on the distribution of property. In this informative blog post, our attorneys discuss the status of these notes under Texas law. This situation may be only one component over a will contest or estate / trust dispute… Read More

Honest Mistakes by Fiduciaries Under Texas Law

EDITOR’S NOTE: The management of an estate or trust is an important responsibility. Fiduciaries have an obvious obligation not to steal or misuse assets; so-called ‘honest mistakes’ are a different matter. This blog post, written by one of our Dallas-based attorney, explores the situation of an ‘honest mistake’ during a possible trust or estate dispute… Read More

Probate Litigation and Mediation: Dallas County Trends

EDITOR’S NOTE: Although emotions can run high during an estate, trust, or guardianship dispute, a growing number of Courts, including those in Dallas County, pro-actively encourage parties to try mediation first. In this blog post, we review how the mediation process works in a probate dispute, against the background of potential litigation.

Burdette & Rice, a Leading Texas Law Firm for Probate, Estate, and Trust Litigation, Announces Twitter Milestone

May 7, 2016 – Dallas, Texas. Burdette & Rice, a top Dallas law firm focusing on will litigation and disputes, is proud to announce an important social media milestone: the posting of the firm’s one hundred fiftieth tweet on Twitter. Twitter, of course, is the ‘go to’ social network for news and timely information, and… Read More

Burdette & Rice, a Leading Dallas Law Firm for Will Contests & Litigation, Releases Latest in Blog Series on Wills

Dallas, Texas – May 2, 2016. Burdette & Rice, a top Dallas law firm focusing on will litigation and disputes, is proud to announce the latest informative post to its blog on the topic of wills. Many lay people have questions about how to draft a will, and once drafted, how to change a will…. Read More

Making Changes to Your Will

EDITOR’S NOTE: While anyone with substantial assets may recognize the need to consult with a Texas attorney to formulate a will in the first place, some people do not realize that changing a will also may require legal assistance. Simply crossing through names or items is not sufficient. If you are looking for what lay… Read More

Probating a Will in Texas: a Quick Overview

EDITOR’S NOTE: Most legal proceedings have deadlines: certain actions must be taken within specific time frames as provided by Texas law. However, in some situations, an applicant may have fallen outside the required deadline but can still petition a court to probate a will. This blog post explores this issue, of importance not just to… Read More

If a Settlement Falls Apart, a Perspective: Dallas Estate, Trust, and Probate Blog

EDITOR’S NOTE: Nowadays, many trust or estate disputes reach a settlement before an actual trial. In most situations, these settlements work well, and the parties go about their lives. However, in some situations, the settlement may fall apart, and a good attorney can reach out to the Dallas Court for assistance in enforcing the settlement… Read More