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Citation in Probate – Texas Law – Blog Post by Top Trust Attorney

In this blog post, one of our top Dallas probate attorneys will explain the concept and use of a citation relevant to probate law, its advantages and disadvantages and whether or not it is prudent to sign a “waiver of citation” relative to trust litigation in Texas. If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area,… Read More

Avoiding Trust Litigation – Focus on Intent

  People call our Dallas, Texas, trust attorneys’ law office all the time with questions as to the interpretation of a trust they are involved in which the “intent” is ambiguous. The following informative blog post by one of our top Dallas trust attorneys dives into the issue of intent. If you have questions regarding… Read More

How to Contest a Will in Texas Featured on Revised Website, Announces Burdette & Rice, a Texas Probate Law Firm

Dallas, Texas – November 20, 2014. Burdette & Rice, a top Dallas-based trust, probate and estate law firm, is proud to announce revisions to their informational page on ‘Will Contests’ as part of their newly upgraded website. Additional blog posts are planned on related topics such as ‘How to Dispute a Will in Texas,’ and… Read More

Dallas Probate Attorneys, Burdette & Rice Re-Launch Website Focusing on Texas Probate, Estate, and Trust Law and Litigation

Dallas, Texas – November 20, 2014. Burdette & Rice, a law firm with many top Dallas probate attorneys, has proudly announced the official re-launch of their new and improved website. The new website provides more information than ever about probate, estate, and trust law in Texas, including vignettes on the firm’s attorneys. A list of… Read More

Guardianship and Criminal Courts

A court-appointed guardian is not always able to maintain control over an active ward, and in certain circumstances, a ward’s conduct results in criminal prosecution of the ward. Unfortunately, the Estates Code, which governs guardianships, and the Criminal Code do not offer much room for interaction. In fact, even though a guardian in a probate… Read More