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The Case of the Missing Will: Texas Law and Wills

EDITOR’S NOTE: Most Dallas residents with substantial assets should have a will. Unfortunately, sometimes a will can be lost. This blog post explores the issues surrounding a lost will under Texas law, and the use of witnesses and other testimony in a Dallas courtroom or elsewhere in the Lone Star state.

Choosing a Trustee: Family Friend or Corporate Trustee?

EDITOR’S NOTE: In estate planning, many Dallas residents will set up a trust for the benefit of their children or others. When setting up a trust, one must designate a trustee. This blog post considers the pros and cons of a family member vs. a corporate entity as the trustee under Texas law.

Foreign Wills in Texas

EDITOR’S NOTE: In this quick blog post, we touch on the topic of “foreign wills” in regard to the laws in Texas concerning last wills and testaments. As a law firm involved in all aspects of Texas wills, including will contests under Texas law, we are excited to share this information with the general public…. Read More

Will the Appellate Court Enforce a No Contest Clause?

EDITOR’S NOTE: When a loved one passes away, his or her will may become an object of contention among friends, family, and other parties. Emotions might become the driving seat, but in this blog post we discuss the importance of facts and the law, as well as maintaining a “good faith” posture vis-à-vis any will… Read More

Surety Bonds and Estate Disputes in Dallas and Elsewhere in Texas

EDITOR’S NOTE: Personal representatives of estates, including guardians of the estate, are required to obtain surety bonds. When or if an estate dispute arises, the relationship among the estate, the personal representative, and the company issuing the bond can be complex. In this blog post, we explain when and why estate litigation might begin vis-à-vis… Read More

Why Do I Need a Probate Bond under Texas Law? An Informal Explanation.

EDITOR’S NOTE  Many Texas residents and those with relatives who pass away in Texas may, unfortunately, end up in probate disputes. If there is a possibility of an estate dispute under Texas law, the Court may require the estate representative to secure a bond. In the event that the parties dispute the estate, the bond… Read More

Understanding Acceptable Documentation to Validate or Contest a Last Will or Testament Under Texas Law

EDITOR’S NOTE  We handle many contested wills under Texas law. One of the more common initial questions is what constitutes a last will and testament. In this blog post, we explain some of the basics of acceptable documentation under Texas Law. Is this Document a Last Will and Testament?