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A Key Evidence in Texas Will Contests: The Estate Planner

EDITOR’S NOTE: In any potential dispute or estate litigation, it is imperative to establish the facts at hand. In this blog post, we go over the key role of the estate planning attorney. He or she can be a key source of evidence during any estate dispute to be played out in a Dallas courtroom…. Read More

One Possible Source of a Texas Trust Dispute: Beneficiary Distributions

EDITOR’S NOTE: The trustee in a trust doesn’t have absolute power even if he or she is given “absolute and uncontrolled discretion.” In this blog post, we overview the relationship between the trustee and a beneficiary and discuss some of the situations in which a trustee may be obligated to accelerate distributions to a beneficiary…. Read More

A Post on Inheritance Under Texas Law: Rights of the Surviving Spouse

EDITOR’S NOTE: When a person dies, what are the rights of the surviving spouse? In this blog post, we review some of the elements that are available to a surviving spouse under Texas law. Inheritance issues can be complex, so remember that the best course of action is to reach out to one of our… Read More

Estate Planning and the Potential for Estate Litigation in Texas

EDITOR’S NOTE: As one of the top law firms in Texas for estate disputes and litigation, we at Burdette & Rice have a unique perspective on some of the do’s and don’ts of proper estate planning. In this blog post, we review some of the background documentation and procedures that should go into preparing an… Read More

Abuse of the Elderly and Disabled under Texas Law

EDITOR’S NOTE: Anyone involved with the elderly or disabled has special responsibilities under Texas law as well as the laws of other states in the Union. While Burdette & Rice as a Dallas law firm focuses on the civil component of probate, guardianship, and other fiduciary matters under Texas law, this blog post reviews criminal… Read More

Leading Texas Law Firm for Probate Disputes, Burdette & Rice Announces Will Contest Litigation in Collin County

McKinney, Texas – December 1, 2016. Burdette & Rice, the largest probate litigation law firm in Dallas and North Texas, is proud to announce that the firm began participation in a jury trial in McKinney, Texas, in the Collin County Probate Court. (Collin County is just north of Dallas, Texas.) The firm’s client asserts that… Read More

Who Gets Paid, When? Texas Trustees and Estates: Blog Post

EDITOR’S NOTE: When a person dies who has set up a trust, the trustee becomes responsible for managing the trust, including paying any creditors in a timely and reasonable fashion. In some situations, there may not be sufficient assets. The trustee, however, must make payments in accord with Texas law and statutes. In this blog… Read More

Preparing for a Jury Trial: Thoughts of an Experienced Dallas Probate Attorney

EDITOR’S NOTE: When a person with significant assets dies and there is unclarity surrounding their estate, a dispute can arise. In this blog post, we overview some of the common issues that can arise in a jury trial. As an experienced Dallas-based probate attorneys, we use the motto of ‘be prepared’ to describe the process of… Read More

Leading Dallas Probate, Estate, and Trust Law Firm, Burdette & Rice Announces New Associate Attorney

Dallas, Texas – October 31, 2016. Burdette & Rice, the largest probate litigation law firm in Dallas and North Texas, is proud to announce a new associate attorney, David Mead. The firm’s growing practice now includes not only an office in Dallas but also in Plano / Frisco, Texas.