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Many of our Dallas, Texas, law firm’s clients are unfamiliar with probate and the legal issues surrounding a decedent’s estate. In most cases, our clients have never worked through these legal issues before, and might only encounter them once or twice in their lifetimes when a loved one becomes incapacitated or dies. At Burdette & Rice, our Dallas-based estate attorneys routinely educate clients on some of the key principles of probate, estates, guardianships and the inheritance disputes that often arise within this area of the law.

What is an Estate?Estate Attorney Dallas Texas - Estate Planning

An estate, in very simple terms, is the property that a person owns when they die. That property might be land, a house, money in the bank, retirement accounts, or the contents of a home (often, but not necessarily, in Texas). The plan for where assets like this will go when a person dies is commonly referred to as an “estate plan.” An estate plan could take on a variety of shapes to address a variety of needs. To plan for death, and the transfer of property, our estate attorneys might counsel with a client concerning a Last Will and Testament, a trust, beneficiary designations, and the coordination of goals and objectives that are unique and important to the client.

Our Dallas, Texas, estate attorneys address lifetime goals and objectives, and plan for contingencies, in advance of incapacity or death. We seek ways to maintain the integrity of an estate plan if a will contest or trust dispute should later arise. At the same time, upon the incapacity or death of a loved one, our estate attorneys can help clients navigate their way through a wide variety of probate processes to ensure that the plan is carried out in the way that the decedent intended.

If you, a family member or loved one have a concern related to an estate – either at the planning stage or at the point that the plan must be implemented and followed, you may have specific legal rights, options and obligations.

Estate Attorney – Consultation on Estate Planning, Administration, or Dispute

Contact our Dallas-based law firm and one of our estate attorneys today to learn more about your situation. With our main office in Dallas and a satellite in Plano, Texas, our estate attorneys are easy to meet. We can help with estate planning, estate administration or even an estate dispute or litigation under Texas law.