Dallas, Texas, Trust Attorneys, J. Brian Thomas and Mark Caldwell to Present at Travis County Bar Association

Burdette & Rice is proud to announce that Mark Caldwell and J. Brian Thomas, two of the firm’s Dallas, Texas, trust attorneys, will be presenting at the Travis County Bar Association in Austin, Texas, on January 16, 2015. As an estate, trust, and probate law firms in Texas, Burdette & Rice draws clients from all over Texas, especially those involved in disputes or litigation. The legal issues surrounding trusts constitute a growing area of the firm’s practice.

“We are very proud to see Mark and Brian participating in the continuing education of trust attorneys throughout Texas,” said Elliott Burdette, Managing Director of Probate Litigation at Burdette and Rice. “With society’s growing use of estate planning, the topic of their presentation – which is how to protect clients’ property by asserting proper legal remedies in connection with the misuses of a power of attorney – is more important than ever.”

Persons interested in attending the attorneys’ presentation, or learning more about the law firm’s services with respect to trust disputes in Texas, should visit the firm’s website at http://www.dallasprobateattorneys.com/. There, one can use the web form to send an email inquiry or call to discuss any legal needs concerning trusts in Texas.

More on Mark R. Caldwell, a Texas Trust Attorney

Mark R. Caldwell, Top Texas Probate AttorneyMark Caldwell has numerous speaking and publications to his name. He co-authored “Properly Performing Annual Accounts in Guardianships and Management Trusts Where One or Both Spouses are Incompetent,” Real Estate, Probate, & Trust Law Reporter, Volume 52, No. 4 (2014), and wrote “Winning the Battle and the War; A Remedies—Centered Approach to Litigation Involving Durable Powers of Attorney,” 64 Bay. L. Rev. 435 (Spring 2012). Interested parties are referred to the website to read a full list of Mark’s publications and speaking experience.

More on J. Brian Thomas, a Texas Trust Attorney

J. Brian Thomas, Top Texas Trust AttorneyBrian Thomas cut his legal teeth in both Houston and Dallas, representing individuals in probate and guardianship cases where the stakes are at their highest. Mr. Thomas has been a frequent speaker and prolific writer on the topic of trust planning and disputes, including such papers as ““Ethical Challenges in Estate Administration,” “Trust Administration: Practical Considerations in Trustee Liability,” and “Trust Litigation: Navigating Defenses of Fiduciaries and Claims of Beneficiaries and Third Parties: Trust Contests, Construction Issues and Fiduciary Duties.” Interested parties are referred to the website to read a full list of Brian’s publications and speaking experience.

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Burdette & Rice, PLLC is a Dallas probate law firm, with lawyers dedicated to listening to their clients, being fully present to them, and advocating their clients’ positions in the simplest and most persuasive way possible. The law firm employs many probate and estate lawyers in Dallas, Texas. Clients come to Burdette & Rice to contest a will in Texas, work on complex inheritance litigation and disputes, and to litigate disputes over powers of attorney, guardianship and trustee issues all based on Texas law.

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