Dallas-based Estate Planning Law Firm, Burdette & Rice Announces July & August Blog Focus on Estate Planning Issues

Burdette & Rice, a Dallas-based law firm specializing in estate planning, is proud to announce a major expansion in its Internet blog for July and August, 2015. Under the direction of Elliott Burdette, managing director, the blog has so far focused on issues surrounding probate, trust, and estate disputes. In addition to those topics, the firm is announcing a new topic area for the next two months: estate planning.

“While we focus on trust, probate, and estate litigation as a Dallas law firm, we also have a strong practice in estate planning,” explained Elliott Burdette, managing director. “By pre-identifying some topics of interest to our Dallas metroplex audience we can better tailor our blog to serve the needs of those looking for Dallas estate planning attorneys and professional assistance.”

Dallas Texas Estate PlanningTo read the company’s blog, please visit the current news about our legal estate planning assistance.   To view blog posts on estate issues, simply click on the ‘tag cloud’ on the right side of the screen on those topics that begin with the word, ‘estate.’ In addition to the current topics, blog expansion will include the estate planning topic, so that families and individuals can systematically plan their estates to minimize conflicts and disputes after one’s death. Roll out will occur over July and August, and interested parties are recommended to bookmark or follow the blog via RSS to stay up-to-date.

Estate Planning Topic Example: Families with Children

Estate planning is an enormous topic, and the firm offers both in-person consultations tailored to individual needs as well as utilizes the blog to touch on items of interest to a broader example. By announcing new posts on estate planning, the firm will be able to better educate clients before, during, and after any issues regarding estates, trusts, or probate under Texas law. Among the topics planned for July is the issue of estate planning for those with children. Topics to be considered include:

Estate planning goals. One of the basic goals of estate planning, namely to implement recommendations to create an estate plan so that monies left to children after the death of a parent, have the opportunity of being protected from the claims of the children’s possible future creditors as well as claims from any child’s possible future divorcing spouse.

Asset protection. Many couples appreciate the opportunity to leave an inheritance to their children in a manner in which it is protected from both the children’s possible immature spending or indulgences, as well as from any legal claims not currently foreseeable.

Incentives within Estate Planning. Other families prefer an estate plan that provides incentives to their children to achieve certain goals favored by the parent(s). While there are limits as to how much control a person may exercise after death over a surviving child, it is widely known that a significant number of children will respond to incentives to graduate from college and achieve other milestones in order to receive a specific financial benefit. However, some estate planning practitioners believe that the attempt to exercise too much control after death can actually prevent the achievement of the desired outcome. The best plans are those which are tailored to each family.

Again, interested parties are recommended to bookmark the blog or subscribe to it via RSS so that they will be updated when posts occur throughout July and August.

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