How to Contest a Will in Texas Featured on Revised Website, Announces Burdette & Rice, a Texas Probate Law Firm

Dallas, Texas – November 20, 2014. Burdette & Rice, a top Dallas-based trust, probate and estate law firm, is proud to announce revisions to their informational page on ‘Will Contests’ as part of their newly upgraded website. Additional blog posts are planned on related topics such as ‘How to Dispute a Will in Texas,’ and ‘Practical Advice and Concerns Surrounding Wills and Probate.’

“We are very excited about our new website and its capabilities to offer early-stage information on important topics such as how to contest a will in Texas,” said Elliott Burdette, Managing Director of Probate Litigation at Burdette and Rice. “Obviously, the website is not a substitute for professional legal advice, but its serves as an entry point for the interested public to learn the very basics about estates, wills, trusts, and probate and then reach out for a no obligation consultation.”

How to Contest a Will in TexasFor more information, please visit the revised informational page on ‘Will Contests’ at  There one can read about four common ways to contest a will, as well as see a contact form and phone number to reach out for a no obligation consultation with an attorney.

More on the Informational Landing Page on ‘Will Contests’ and Issues Around ‘How to Contest a Will in Texas.’

The informational landing page identifies four common ways to contest a will in Texas, as follows: 1) lack of testamentary capacity, 2) undue influence, 3) due execution, and 4) noncompliance with Texas law.  The informational landing page also explains key evidence required, and does a very basic job of discussion the types of possible evidence necessary to contest a will.  Texas law, of course, has unique aspects vs. the laws of other states, and it is the attorney’s job to work on the legal aspects of each case.  That said, anyone who might want to dispute a will in Texas would be well served to reach out for a no obligation consultation, and to begin the process of collecting factual evidence that may be of assistance in any possible litigation to protect one’s inheritance.

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