Burdette & Rice, a Top Dallas Law Firm, Announces Estate Planning Certification of Ellen Bennett

Burdette & Rice, the largest probate litigation law firm in Dallas and North Texas, is proud to announce that attorney Ellen Bennett has recently been certified in Estate Planning and Probate Law by the State Bar of Texas Board of Legal Specialization. This certification builds on Bennett’s practice as an effective trust, estate, probate, and guardianship litigation attorney in the Dallas area.Estate Attorney - Ellen Bennett of Dallas, Texas
“We are so proud of Ellen, who is an incredible attorney and tremendous asset to our law firm,” explained Elliott Burdette, Managing Director of Probate Litigation at Burdette & Rice. He continued, “Being certified in estate planning and probate law is a sign of her continuing commitment to education and the practice of law at the highest level in probate, estates, and trust related administrations and disputes.”

To learn more about Dallas attorney Ellen Bennett, visit Ellen’s page on the website. There, one can read about her background and interests as well as find a convenient way to reach out to her via the website. Those interested in learning more about the practice areas of the law firm, can also visit the website. It should also be noted that the firm has a new Plano, Texas, satellite office serving those interested in Plano or Frisco probate attorney services.

More Details on This Announcement

Only a small number of attorneys have become eligible to take the board certification examination for estate planning and probate law. The requirements include a minimum number of years concentrated in estate planning and probate practice as well as recommendations by Judges and peers. Among those who qualify to sit for the examination, only a smaller number pass this difficult full day written examination and become Board Certified in Estate Planning and Probate law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Dallas law firm Burdette & Rice is extremely proud of Ellen Bennett’s efforts and success which demonstrate her commitment to our clients’ rights in disputed trust, estate and probate matters.

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