Burdette & Rice, a Texas Estate, Trust, & Probate Litigation Firm, Announces ‘Advocate’ Designation for Ellen Bennett

Burdette & Rice, a law firm specializing in probate, trust, and estate disputes and litigation under Texas law, is proud to announce that firm attorney, Ellen Bennett, has garnered the prestigious designation of ‘Advocate’ from the National Institute of Trial Attorneys or ‘NITA.’ Probate Litigation Dallas Texas Law FirmIn order to receive this designation, Ellen received vigorous training in a seven-day program of trial advocacy, a three-day deposition training program, and a specialized program of instruction titled the “Articulate Advocate” in which she learned advanced courtroom persuasive strategies designed to enhance courtroom presentation skills. Attaining the designation of “ADVOCATE” from the National Institute of Trial Advocacy demonstrates Ellen’s commitment to excellence as a trust, estates and guardianship litigator.

“Ellen’s perseverance as a trial attorney is indicative of her commitment to her clients; this designation shows, in a very practical way, the efforts that she goes to to remain at the forefront of effective litigation and trial tactics,” explained Elliott Burdette, Managing Director of Probate Litigation at Burdette & Rice. “Our firm focuses on litigation in probate, estate, and trust matters in Texas, and so having highly skilled litigators is of paramount importance.”

To learn more about Ellen Bennett,  visit the online webpage for more information. To learn more about the firm’s philosophy concerning probate, estate, and trust litigation under Texas law. Based in Dallas, Texas, Burdette & Rice is reachable via the Internet, phone, and in-person consultations concerning the firm’s services with respect to estate, trust, and probate disputes and litigation.

In Trials and Litigation, Experience Matters

In complex litigation concerning disputes over estates, wills, and/or trusts, experience matters a great deal. Knowing the law is one thing; knowing the facts is another; and presenting these facts to a judge and/or jury is quite another. By putting in the time necessary in terms of continuing education to garner this prestigious designation, Ellen Bennett has shown her personal commitment to the law, the facts, and her skills as a litigator. Nowadays, many persons face complicated issues upon the death of a loved one. In some cases those issues can become contentious enough to spark litigation. By consulting with the attorneys at Burdette & Rice, a person can work with recognized experts in their fields.

In an area as complex as probate disputes and litigation under Texas law, continuing education for attorneys must be seen as a marathon and not a sprint. It is not simply enough to call oneself an expert in probate law; one must commit to a continual process of learning new skills, whether those relate to changes in Texas law or whether those relate to so-called “soft skills” such as the art of persuasion. Burdette and Rice has established a reputation as one of the top litigation law firms not only in Dallas but throughout Texas with respect to probate disputes and litigation. Indeed, many people who no longer live in Texas but are involved in inheritance disputes that originate in the Lone Star State seek out the services of Burdette and Rice. By enhancing her soft skills of persuasion, Ellen is a perfect example of yet another milestone in the firm’s commitment to continuing education for its lawyers. The workshop provided Ellen with advanced skills in courtroom presentation and jury persuasion. These skills will enable Ellen to ever more effectively represents the firm’s clients in will contests, fiduciary disputes, guardianship disputes, and other related trust, estate, and probate and litigation.

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