Burdette & Rice, a Dallas, Texas, Probate Litigation Law Firm, Announces New Milestone in Continuing Education for Depositions

Dallas, Texas – July 31, 2016. Burdette & Rice, a Dallas, Texas, law firm focused on disputes and litigation in probate, estate, and trust, is proud to announce yet another milestone in the firm’s continuing education strategy for all of its attorneys, this time focused on deposition experience. Firm attorney Ellen Bennett attended the “Deposition Training Skills” seminar offered by the National Institute of Trial Attorneys (NITA) in Washington, DC., on July 20-22, 2016. By increasing her deposition expertise, the firm is bolstering its commitment to be one of the best Texas law firms for litigation in probate, estate, and trusts disputes.

“The summer is an excellent time to work on one’s continuing education, and we are proud of Ellen’s efforts to improve her skills and reputation as one of the best trusts and estate litigators in

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Texas,” said Elliott Burdette, Managing Director of Probate Litigation at Burdette & Rice. “We don’t share every continuing education milestone with the public, but we think it’s important to publicize our firm’s efforts to maintain leadership in the area of probate, trust, and estate litigation, where deposition competence is paramount.”

To learn more about attorney Ellen Bennett, visit http://www.dallasprobateattorneys.com/j-ellen-bennett/. Persons interested in not only deposition issues but litigation with respect to probate, estate, and trusts, should visit the firm’s website and request a consultation as no two situations are the same. Alternatively, one can visit information pages such as the page on probate litigation at http://www.dallasprobateattorneys.com/probate-estate-disputes/.

The Importance of Depositions to Complex Litigation in Probate, Estate and Trusts

The ability to take a deposition in an effective way is an often underrated skill for a litigation law firm. Attorneys, and the public to a much greater extent, focus on trial experience because trials catch the limelight. However, many cases never make it to trial, and even those that do rely on depositions as part of the materials available at trial. By working on continuing education with respect to depositions, Burdette & Rice is showing to the public its commitment to the “basics” of excellence in litigation. By mastering the art of the deposition, Attorney Bennett is constantly improving her skills as a litigator. The reality is that those attorneys who commit to a process of continuing education are the ones who retain their leads as the “goto” experts, in this case litigation for probate, estate, and trusts under Texas law.

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