Attorney Mark Cardwell of Law Firm Burdette & Rice to Speak on Guardianship & Guardianship Disputes Under Texas Law in October, 2016

July 7, 2016 – Dallas, Texas. Burdette & Rice, a Dallas, Texas, law firm with deep expertise in guardianship issues including both disputes and litigation, is proud to announce that firm attorney, Mark Caldwell, has announced that he will be speaking in October, 2016, at the Collin County (Plano, Texas) Probate Bar Association’s membership on the topic of changes in guardianship law in Texas. Recent legislative changes in guardianship law in Texas have been quite extensive, and Mark is well qualified to present this topic to the Collin County Bar Association, which will include a discussion of guardianship litigation issues.

“With the aging of America as well as divorces, family changes, and other social dynamics, guardianship is often forgotten as an important part of the law until it directly impacts a

Guardianship Disputes under Texas Law

person, family, or legal entity,” said Elliott Burdette, Managing Director of Probate Litigation at Burdette & Rice. “By speaking on guardianship issues under Texas law in Plano, Mark will be updating the community on just how important guardianship is in the law and how recent legislative changes in Texas are both timely and important. Anyone with an interest in guardianship, whether in administration or litigation, is urged to attend this information-packed presentation.”

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Guardianship Issues: an Important Topic under Texas Law

With a tradition as a leader in Texas as a law firm for trust, estate, and probate litigation, Burdette & Rice is known for its commitment to continuing education. An issue that is very important yet that can slip under the radar is guardianship. While will contests and high-profile litigation over trusts and estates garner attention and often the public imagination, guardianship issues are important at a foundational level. First and foremost, how guardianship works can have a very direct impact on individuals in an on-going way. Second, guardianship issues are increasingly important as society changes and evolves, whether this is the guardianship of a child or of an older person who suffers from a disease such as Alzheimer’s. Recent changes by the Texas legislature make the topic of guardianship, both at an administration and at a litigation level, incredibly important. Anyone who would like to know more should mark his or her calendars for Mark’s ‘must attend’ presentation this fall in Plano, Texas.

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