Dallas Probate Lawyers

Dallas Probate LawyersWith over 1.2 million folks in Dallas alone, many people come to us to avoid probate, or to dispute probate, throughout Texas. Learn about probate law, and meet our team of top Dallas probate attorneys.

Contest a Will or Trust in Texas

How to Contest a Will or Trust in TexasDisputes over wills, trusts, and estates are unfortunately common. If you are looking for advice on how to contest a will in Texas, reach out to a top Dallas inheritance attorney to learn about your options.

Probate and Estate Disputes in Texas

North Texas Estate LawyersFrom estate planning to estate administration to even estate disputes in Texas, we’re known throughout North Texas and North Dallas, as some of the best estate and inheritance dispute attorneys. We protect our clients’ rights to inherit by using a full range of strategies — monitoring the administration of an estate to filing a lawsuit for breach of fiduciary duties.

Practice Areas

Our practice includes many of the common touch points for estate planning, probate administration and trust disputes throughout Dallas, and North Texas. For example, we specialize in probate disputes and estate disputes as well as will contests in Texas, and even guardianship disputes. As a one of Dallas’ top probate law firms, we have experienced it all: from smooth sailing to hostile litigation among family members over a contested inheritance or will. However, people often come to us – in advance – to explore their options to contest a will, to learn how to prepare themselves or their families to mitigate legal costs and position themselves in the best way should a will or estate dispute arise.

Other practice areas include guardianship disputes, litigation over fiduciary duties, as well as setting up (or disputing) power of attorney, trusteeships or executors. Whatever the area involving inheritance law, you can count on us as your expert legal team.

Geographic Areas

Conveniently located in North Dallas, Texas, we serve clients from all over the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex. This is especially true of those clients seeking not just a convenient probate attorney but some of the best probate, trust, and estate dispute litigator lawyers in Texas. Fortunately, we are convenient to many of the cities in North Texas and near North Dallas. Clients may start their search looking for an Addison or Plano probate attorney, or a Preston Hollow, Carrollton or Farmers Branch law firm specializing in inheritance law and disputes, only to realize that a short drive from anywhere in the North Dallas / North Texas area gets them to one of the best law firms in Texas for trust, estate, and will disputes.

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